Hello - Our names are Camy and Bady


Sex: male 

Breed: Dachshund Cross

Age:  01/04/2019

Size: small. Bady: length 89cm, height 35 cm, weight 8 kg. Camy: lenght 95 cm, height 41 cm, weight 10,5 kg.

Neutered: Yes

Vet Checked: Yes

Location: currently in foster care in the area of  Bromsgrove (B61) UK


Other Dogs in the Home: Yes

Other Dogs Outside: Yes

Cats: Unknown

Children: Unknown


Meet Camy and Bady, two beautiful 4 year old Dachshunds in need of their forever home. They came to us originally as strays, brought into the local council run pound in Spain where we are volunteers. As a breed used for hunting in Spain, we can only imagine what kind of treatment lead to them being so terrified of people. The boys were almost phobic of human contact on arrival, and it has taken lots of patience and caring, understanding training to get them to the place they’re at today.
Having been in the boarding kennel in Northern Spain for many months, without a single adoption request, a very experienced and trusted fosterer offered them a place with her, to help them learn about life in a home and to begin to trust people. Since November 2022 they are with her in foster care in the area of Bromsgrove (B61) and with her support and dedication, they have started to flourish.

While Camy and Bady have grown in confidence in their UK foster, they remain very nervous, unsure dogs who startle easily. They are only just learning what it means to enjoy human company, and so their future family needs to understand that they are very much going to need ongoing support and very patient training. They are not cuddly lapdogs that will run over to unknown people and approach for attention. Bady cannot yet be stroked by his fosterer unless she picks him up, and he isn’t very relaxed with the feeling at the moment. He will take treats from her hand, and is becoming more relaxed as the days go on. Camy is more confident, he now enjoys a fuss and will wag his tail in happiness. He even approaches to have his harness put on, which is a massive step forward - neither knew how to walk on a lead when they first arrived!

At the moment Camy and Bady wear two harnesses and two leads for walks, and they only go out for very short periods. They get frightened and overwhelmed quickly, so their walks will need to be built up extremely gradually. Because of this, a fully fenced garden to run and play in is essential.

Camy does like to chew, so glasses, remote controls etc. have to be kept up high. As his fear begins to lift, his playful puppy-like personality is coming out more. In spite of their fear, there has never been aggression shown towards humans or dogs. Their reaction has always been to move themselves away and hide when they’re worried. They both love other dogs, and currently share with three dogs (male and female). We feel they would benefit from a balanced, calm resident dog to help guide them, but this isn’t a requirement, though they are active and playful boys, so they will need a doggy friend that can keep up with them. They can be vocal during play, and have the typical Dachshund bark, which makes them seem bigger than their size.

The boys can be left alone for short periods, and their housetraining has come along really well, though they may have accidents inside as they adapt to a new space and routine. Camy and Bady are only just starting to understand how fun and happy the world can be, and they need to find their forever people, to keep up all the great experiences they’ve been having in their foster home. Could that be you? Before applying for this beautiful pair, please consider the following carefully:

- Camy and Bady must be homed together. They are totally bonded and cannot be separated.

- They are active, energetic dogs, but are still not ready for lots of time walking on lead. Can you provide the mental and physical stimulation they will need from home?

- Camy and Bady will hide when strangers come into the house. They need a calm, quiet home without too many visitors. We are looking for an adult only home for this duo.

- They need adopters experienced with fearful and nervous dogs.

- Please be aware they cannot be tested with cats other small furries

Cami and Bady are in good health, neutered, vaccinated, micro chipped, have their own passport and have been tested negative for Mediterranean diseases. Please be aware that we require from all potential adopters that they are able to travel to Camy and Bady’s current foster place in Bromsgrove (UK) to meet them in person prior adoption. Anyone who knows this breed knows how strong-minded and affectionate they can be, with a great love for using their noses and exploring the outdoors. They are waiting for their second chance having been let down once already.

If you are gentle and patient, and willing to put in the effort to let them build their confidence with the world and feel you can offer them the home they need please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We would love to hear from you and answer any questions you have.


  • We are distrustful and nervous towards people and unknown things
  • We are very sensitive
  • We are well behaved at home


  • We need a home that is at ease with our kind of dog, who have a good understanding and experience of dog behaviour.
  • We can not be placed in a home with children

  • We need a rural and calm environment

  • Our home should have experienced with fearful dogs

  • The help of a further confident, but not overexcited dog could be helpful

  • Our home should be confident, have time, be very patient and loving

  • We need a home that does not require us to deal with heavy traffic and stimulations.


  • Getting housetrained