Hello - My name is Erik


Sex: male 

Breed: Cross Breed

Age: 18/07/2018

Size: large, weight: 36kg

Neutered: Yes

Vet Checked: Yes

Location: currently in the area of Herne Bay, UK, Postcode CT6


Other Dogs in the Home: Yes

Other Dogs Outside: Yes

Cats: No

Children: Yes, 14+ age


Meet Erik, a wonderful and gentle cross breed of 4.5 years of age. He is currently in the area of Herne Bay (Postcode CT6) and in need of a new home.

Erik is originally from Spain and a dog whose start in life was tough. He was abandoned at only a few weeks old, and an attacked by another dog and seriously injured. As the true survivor he is, he pulled through and made an excellent recovery, though his jaw was affected by the damage. In spite of this, Erik lives a perfectly happy and normal life, he eats well and the shape of his mouth doesn’t cause him issues in day to day life. After 3.5 years in a home here in the UK and to no fault of his own, Erik unfortunately needs to be rehomed. This difficult decision had to be made due to health reasons of his current family. This is to ensure he has the attention and exercise he needs going forward, and we would like to find him the perfect forever home to move to.

Erik is a large, affectionate and social boy who currently shares his home with a female dog. He is fine with strangers and okay with children when out, but as strong dog, he may be overly boisterous with very young children. We feel a home with children of 14+ would be best for this reason. Because of his jaw and his breathing, he has to get up close to people when he first meets them, which is very endearing as he gets to know you.

Erik travels well in the car and is an active dog who needs time to run and burn energy. He does go on group walks and also attends Daycare twice a week. He walks well on the lead, using a soft 'over the muzzle' lead, which he is fine with and is walked twice daily, totalling about one and a half to two hours. He has a very strong prey drive, particularly around cats, and he must be walked on a lead or long line at all times. He will need onogoing training on his recall, as when walking in the woods or in fields he can get focussed on what he is doing and tends to ignore you, and due to his reaction to small furries on walks, will need to only ever be let free in a fully secure space specific for dogs. Erik loves the garden and will happily lay outside for hours and loves to sunbathe, so a fully fenced garden with fencing of at least 1.8 meters is important.

Erik doesn’t interact a huge amount with the other dog in the home, so he would be alright as an only dog we feel, or he could share with a dog of similar size and energy level as him. He does like to be chased especially up or down the garden, or when he picks up a shoe to lay down with and he does like a soft, squeaky toy. Erik loves his walks, sleeping and cuddles - he also loves watching TV! He is quite happy laying on a chair or in his bed when he is left on his own with the other resident dog. He is housetraind, loves the company of humans and their attention and is cuddly, good natured and friendly with people.

With the right ongoing training, time and affection Erik will make the perfect addition to the right home. If you are happy to spend the next 10 years with Erik and feel you can offer him the home he needs, please get in touch. We would love to hear from you and answer any questions you have. Erik is in good health, neutered, vaccinated and micro chipped. Please be aware that we require from all potential adopters that they are able to travel to Erik’s current place to meet him in person prior adoption.


  • I love the company of people
  • I am affectionate and enjoy cuddles
  • I am calm at home
  • I love to run and explore around
  • I love that other dog chase me 
  • I like toys and shoes



  • I am house trained
  • I walk well on the lead
  • I travel well in the car