Hello - My name is Gara


Sex: female

Breed:  Cross breed 

Age: 9 years (Status February 2021)

Size: large

Neutered: YES 

Vet Checked: YES

Location: currently in a boarding kennel in Northern Spain


Other Dogs in the Home: Yes

Other Dogs Outside: Yes

Cats: Unknown

Children: Unknown


Gara is a 9 year old female cross breed of large size. We rescued her from the pound in which she entered last year with her new born son called Quino. Gara was extremely tired when she arrived. It seemed that she was tired of living and that the only thing that kept her in this world was her baby. With the support of many people we were able to get them out of this awful place and into a boarding kennel where Gara was able to raise Quino in a safe environment. Gara did a great job with Quino who is the center of her attention and she spoils him a lot. We consider separate adoptions for the two dogs, but they can also be rehomed together.

Gara has demonstrated an amazing character since they are at the boarding kennel. She is a sensitive dog that needs to be with someone sweet and gentle because if she is told off or knows that you are angry, she bows her head in submission. She can't be tested with cats, but she is very social with all humans and other dogs, both male and female. Her only vice is that she chews and breaks the plastic beds in the boarding kennel. Gara has probably experienced a terrible life and she now needs to be spoilt herself, with love and attention. She needs a patient home, who will help her adapt to life in a house and to give her the best retirement possible.

Gara is a large size dog and, even though she is an oldie, her future family should keep her size into account, as they have to be able to manage her without problems. Gara is ready and able to travel to Wales or England (NOT Scotland) as soon as their forever home comes forward. The person or family that decides to adopt her will take home and absolute treasure.

Please don't hesitate to get in touch if you are interested. IN THE CASE BOTH DOGS (MUM AND SON) ARE ADOPTED TOGETHER A REDUCED ADOPTION FEE IS APPLIED.


  • I am  sensitive
  • I am calm
  • I am affectionate


  • I need a dog experienced home, especially with large breed

  • I cannot be placed in a property with no direct access to a private garden

  • I need a rural environment


  • Unknown