Do you enjoy social media?

Are you a content creator, influencer, youtuber or just someone who has a good social media affinity? We run a Facebook page and group, have one Instagram, TikTok and Youtube account in English and Spanish and NEED HELP.

Are you skilled in creating soundtracks, managing YouTube channels, curating engaging content for social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, and maintaining connections with followers? If so, we invite you to join our little team! Location is not a barrier as we can communicate through WhatsApp, Google Meet, etc. All you need is a passion for social media and preferably a love for animals. We aim to reach a diverse audience and welcome anyone who can contribute to our cause. Currently, there are three of us managing our social media accounts, but none of us have extensive experience in this field. If you share our passion and don't lack experience, please reach out to us. One team member is based in Spain another one in England/Italy and the other in Germany/Spain. Despite the large distance, we stay connected. Do you have innovative ideas or solutions that may seem challenging? Feel free to share them with us; we are open to all suggestions that can help us find loving homes for our dogs. THANK YOU

You can contact us writing an e-mail to or just by filling in the bellow form :)