Hello - My name is Henry


Sex: male 

Breed: Cross breed

Age: 11/10/2021

Size: medium, height: 55 cm, weight: 28kg

Neutered: Yes

Vet Checked: Yes

Location: in the area of Milton Keynes (UK) 


Other Dogs in the Home: Yes

Other Dogs Outside: Yes

Cats: Unknown

Children: Unknown


Meet Henry, a 1.5 year old male Cross Breed, who is currently in the area of Milton Keynes (UK). He is a gorgeous medium sized dog with a weight of 28kg and a shoulder height of 55cm. After growing up in a boarding kennel in Spain where he was since his birth, he travelled some months ago to the UK. Henry adapted very well to his home environment but now, sadly due to circumstances totally unrelated to him, Henry finds himself in need of a new home.

Henry is well behaved at home. He is housetrained and enjoys to be around his people while napping on a comfy place. He loves that you hold his paw while you gentle pet him and steals socks to cuddle :) . Henry is also a smart dog who is eager to learn. He picks up commands very quickly and enjoys to work things out. He is already an expert in 9 different commands and loves to engage his brain with enrichment toys. Henry walks well on the leash and understands the concept of walking close to keep the leash loose. He is very responsive to training through stopping each time he pulls and carrying on the moment he relaxes the leash. He also can be left alone at home for short terms with relaxing instrumental music in the background.

Henry has been nicknamed Eeyore, as he has a slow plodding vibe when moving around the house :) but outside he’s full of energy and likes to run and play, therefore he is looking for an active home, who is able to enjoy outdoor activities with him during all seasons. Henry is social with other dogs and absolutely loves interacting and running around with them. At the local daycare he has befriended dogs of all sorts of different sizes and temperaments.

When on the lead he’s desperate to rush up and play with other dog when he sees them, but on the other hand with very pushy dogs, he can feel a bit overwhelmed when the other dog doesn’t give him much space and he isn’t able to walk away, but he is improving on this issue day by day and is learning to ignore other dogs while on the lead, while offering him plenty of opportunities to play off the lead with them where possible.

Henry is still a young dog who is getting used to the world around him. Having grown up in boarding kennels, lots of experiences can feel novel and scary for him. Thankfully, he responds brilliantly to positive reinforcement, and has come on leaps and bounds in his training and confidence since arriving in the UK. His new home should be happy to continue with his training and help him to overcome his nervosity and insecurities towards new things, places, noises and people. Henry needs a dog experienced home, comfortable with teaching and guiding a young and sometimes nervous dog. Please be aware that he hasn’t and also can’t be tested with cats or other small furries. He enjoys exploring the countryside on his walks, so a rural area would be ideal. Henry is best suited for a dog experienced, active but quiet and middle aged home, as too many new things at once can become stressful for him. Ideally, people who have experience with positive reinforcement style training or who would be willing to learn, as he’s very responsive to that as a training style.

In summary Henry is a very gentle and sweet boy, with a lot of love to give – there is an amazing potential in him which has already started to shown up, he now just needs to find his right life companion, who is able to see it too and go ahead with the training. If you follow this link https://youtu.be/uCHw5nL4QxA you will get a better understanding of his current behaviour in different situations and his positive development so far. Henry is an absolutely wonderful, loving, intelligent, companionable dog who just needs that extra bit of TLC and training to bring out the best in him. In light of this we are looking for a home with people who understand that Henry will need patience, and time to settle and adjust, taking things at his pace and not overwhelming him with lots of activities and attention at the beginning. He needs a home without many visitors, or the option to separate him if he initially seems uncomfortable. He cannot be rehomed to homes with young children or elderly people, and we are looking for a DOG EXPERIENCED home (NOT FIRST DOG OWNERS), who have already worked with a dog of similar behaviour in the past. His first months in kennels have meant he missed out on key socialization, and this can make him fearful and insecure. Henry needs a confident leader, who will help him to overcome these insecurities and fears and doesn't increase them. He now needs UNDERSTANDING, CONFIDENT, EMPATHIC, PATIENT and GENTLE people, who are WILLING TO PUT IN THE EFFORT AND TIME to let him build his confidence with the world.

If you are happy to spend the next 12-15 years with Henry and feel you can offer him the home environment, training, patiency and affection he needs, please get in touch. We would love to hear from you and answer any questions you have. Henry is in good health, neutered, vaccinated, micro chipped, has his own passport and has been tested negative for Mediterranean diseases. Please be aware that we require from all potential adopters that they are able to travel to Henry’s current place to meet him in person prior adoption.


  • I am affectionate
  • I am playful
  • I love to run and explore around
  • I love to be around my humans
  • I love to play with other dogs
  • I am very well behaved


  • I can not be placed in a home with young children
  • I would enjoy to to have a secure garden
  • I need an experienced home who is happy to discover the world with me and show me new things :)
  • I am curious and enjoy to learn new things, my forever home should be happy to offer me that
  • I need a patient home, who is able to give me the time I need to gain trust and confidence


  • I am housetrained
  • I know basic commands like "Sit", "Down", "Wait", "Stay", "Touch", "Place" and a few more :)
  • I am used to travel in the car
  • I walk well on the leash when I get into it
  • I have a quite good recall, but need to continue with my training