Hello - My name is Kinder


Sex: male

Breed: Cross breed

Age:  05/03/2019 

Size: medium-large, 27kg

Neutered: Yes

Vet Checked: Yes

Location: in the area of Crawley RH10


Other Dogs in the Home: Yes

Other Dogs Outside: Yes

Cats: No

Children: grown up with older children (14+)


Let us introduce you to this wonderful boy called Kinder, with the honey colored eyes. He is a Cross-Breed of 3.5 years of age and currently in the area of Crawley RH10 (UK). He is a medium-large sized dog and weights 27kg.

Kinder is a smart boy and the happiness in dog form. He was originally adopted as a puppy and for no fault of his own is now again looking for a home. Kinder grew up with children (14+ years) and other dogs and has always had a furry friend around him. He has always lived in a home environment and is housetrained. He is an enthusiastic, high active and playful boy. Kinder loves to run, loves of off-lead exercises, loves to play and needs a lot of physical and mental stimulation. Kinder is a smart dog with a lot of potential. He learns quickly and even enjoys it. He is a super social with dogs and people and loves the company and interaction with them. HE IS NOT CAT TESTED.

Kinder is a very affectionate dog, and he loves to be hugged. He will come up to you and lean on you until you give him lots of attention. Kinder absolutely loves meeting new people but can get over excited and jump up at people. He is happy to get attention from anyone, and is a real cuddle bug. He also loves meeting other dogs and will happily run around and play with them, especially if they are as active as him. He understands sit, stay, back (as in move back) come here, but he does need help focusing sometimes. Clever as he is, he always responds if he feels he'll get a treat!!

Kinder is a great character who at some points still behaves like a puppy and who deserves a home, his forever home. A home who has the time and patient to show him boundaries. A home who is willing to spend time to train and educate him. A home who is happy to give him physical, but also mental stimulation which he needs. A home where he will stay even if he makes mistakes, chases birds, is nervous around noises, pulls on the lead, barks or modifies the garden. Kinder isn’t perfect like nobody is, but like we all do, he deserves to have a forever home, where he is loved, respected and valued for like he is.

Kinder’s perfect home is a young/middle aged person/couple without young children. Another young and active dog similar to his energy level and rough play style would be a plus, but isn’t a must, as long as he has the possibilities to have interaction with dogs on a regular base. Kinder would adore a family who could devote time to teaching him lots of new things and would be the perfect companion for outdoor activities like jogging, hiking or agility. Kinder is a young dog and therefore still has a lot to learn. There is a lot of potential in him and he needs someone who can exploit it by showing him the correct direction. He is a curious dog who likes to discover new things when out on a walk. But he is also a dog which after an exhausted days of running and playing he enjoys to relax and enjoy cuddles. In short, he has both the energy and love to become an amazing companion for life. The adoption fee is £350.

If you want to meet Kinder and think you can offer her the forever home she is waiting for, please don’t hesitate and get in touch with us.


  • I am a cuddle monster :)
  • I am affectionate and love attention
  • I am very social with other dogs and people
  • I am energetic
  • I am active and playful
  • I also enjoy to relax on the sofa
  • I am curious and like to investigate
  • I am a puppy in the body of an adult dog


  • I need a dog experienced home who is aware of the behaviour and needs of an active, young dog

  • I need a home without young children, as I can be bouncy

  • I need a home that enjoys outdoor activities, even it it rains or snows

  • I need a home that is patient and has the time to show me new things

  • I would like to have a dog company of the same energy level as mine, as I sometimes am a rough player :)


  • I am housetrained
  • I travel well in the car
  • I am q quick learner, with a good teacher ;)
  • I know basic commands