Hello - My name is Lolin


Sex: male 

Breed: Cross breed

Age: 4 months (Status Jan. 2022)

Size: medium, current weight: 6kg, estimated weight when full grown: 15-20kg

Neutered: No

Vet Checked: Yes

Location: currently in a foster home in Northern Spain.


Other Dogs in the Home: Yes

Other Dogs Outside: Yes

Cats: Yes

Children: Unknown


Meet Lolin, the newest addition to the Teluma's family. Lolin is a mixed breed boy of around 4 months of age. He will be medium sized once fully grown (estimate is 15-20kg but without seeing his parents, he could be bigger). He came to us having been found abandoned on a mountainside, just left to fend for himself. We will never understand how someone could do this to any dog.. but to leave a tiny, vulnerable baby like Lolin exposed him to all kinds of risks. Luckily a kind girl walking past, brought him to safety and he has been in a foster home ever since.

Lolin has the typical loving, friendly nature of a puppy - and it seems that being abandoned has not changed his loyalty or affection towards people. He is a curious, sweet puppy, now ready to join his forever family. Lolin is learning about the rules of a home each day... practising walking on a lead, housetraining and basic manners. His new family will need to understand that this is a long, ongoing process of patient training, as Lolin is a baby who needs to be taught everything about life. He is not yet housetrained, as he still finds holding it tricky, but his foster family are working with him and he's making good progress. He does currently live in a flat, so we feel direct access to a garden could help this along. He knows how to sit, and is currently learning to give his paw. He likes close companionship and attention from people, and he will need a family ready to help him learn he is ok on his own, preparing him for these moments with exercise and toys. He can have his cheeky moments, as with any young puppy, and his new family should be ready to teach him not to chew things he shouldn't, as he currently feels everything is the most exciting game!

Lolin is good with cats, and could share his home with one. He also meets other dogs on walks, and it's important his socialisation can carry on in his new home. Do you feel Lolin could be the one for you? If so, please read our full criteria below. For Lolin, we are looking for a home with someone around most of the day, and potentially a resident dog to show him the ropes. We feel experienced adopters who have previously owned their own dog, would be best, and for this reason first time owners will not be considered. Lolin could live with children over 14 years old. A fully fenced garden is desirable as we feel he will be a fairly active boy and will enjoy spending time outdoors. We have an upper age limit on 64 years old for the adoption of puppies. We hope you can understand that the criteria is created purely for Lolin's benefit, as we work to match our dogs to the most suitable home. Only applications that meet these requirements will be considered.

Lolin will travel vaccinated, microchipped and with a pet passport. He will also be tested for Mediterranean diseases. Due to his age, Lolin will not be neutered at the time of travel, though it is a condition of adoption that he will be before reaching a year of age. An agreement to neuter will be required. Lolin can be rehomed to England and Wales, but not Scotland. If, having read about Lolin and his needs, you feel this gorgeous boy is the one for you, and you can offer the home he needs for the next 15+ years, please do get in touch. We would love to hear from you!


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