Hello - My name is Luca


Sex: male 

Breed: Mastin Cross

Age:  01/09/2022

Size: big, > 40kg

Neutered: Yes

Vet Checked: Yes

Location: currently in a foster home in Northern Spain


Other Dogs in the Home: Yes

Other Dogs Outside: Yes

Cats: Yes

Children: Yes if dog savvy


This is Lucas, a beautiful Mastin puppy boy of 1 year of age, who has been with us for many months now. His start in life was tough as he, together with his other siblings, were abandoned as babies and treated like garbage. They were just a few days old and tiny and didn’t even open their eyes when they were found in a bin in Northern Spain. It’s incomprehensible to us how someone could do that. They had no way of surviving alone, but with a lot of work, commitment, and love they were fed by bottle every 2-3 hours and also unfortunately one didn’t make it, the other five grew up healthy and very well cared for. All four siblings got adopted, but Lucas was found to have a problem with his eyes that required surgery, and so he remained with us while the surgery was carried out. Thankfully it went very well, and Lucas’ sight was restored. He can now see well, but has been left cross-eyed, and we sadly believe this is why he hasn’t been adopted.

Poor Lucas just wants a family to love and that loves him. He is a normal, happy puppy, with so much to offer the right home, that can see past his looks. He has a wonderful personality, calm, very good natured and social. He gets on well with other dogs, cats and children and we have no doubt he’ll be a treasure for his forever family.

Spanish Mastins are wonderful dogs: loyal, loving, and devoted to their people. They are also strong and stubborn at times and so we are looking for a dog-experienced family (not first dog owners) who has the time and commitment to keep trianing and socialising him and include him in as many family activities as possible. As a very large sized boy (>40kg), we feel a fenced garden he can run and play in would be ideal, but he has a very docile, easy going temperament, as the Mastin breed often does.

Lucas enjoys to be out with humans, go on walks and spend time in nature. A further dog would be great for him, but isn’t a requirement as long as he has enough opportunities to interact, play and socialize with them on his walks or other outdoor activities. Since Lucas is in our care he has always been in foster care so he is used to live in a home environment, is house trained, used to travel in th car, walks well on the lead and is well socialised.

Luca is currently in foster care in Northern Spain, but read to travel to his forever home in England or Wales (NOT Scotland) as soon as the  right forever home comes forward.  Lucas will trave lvaccinated, neutered, microchipped and tested for Mediterranean diseases. To find out more about him, and to hear how our adoption process works, please get in touch. We would love to hear from you.


  • I am affectionate
  • I am playful
  • I like the company of people
  • I love to play with other dogs


    • I need a dog experienced home who is happy to discover the world with me and show me new things :)
    • A further dog at home would be great, but if I can have many doggy friends that would also be ok
    • I prefer a rural environment
    • I need a home that is outdoor active and happy to include me in their outdoor activities


    • I am house trained
    •  I walk well on the lead when I get into it
    • I travel well in the car