Hello - My name is Luna


Sex: female 

Breed: Nordic Cross breed (probably Akita cross)

Age: 5 years (Status July 2020)

Size: shoulder height: 52cm, 77cm long, weight: about 28kg

Neutered: Yes

Vet Checked: Yes

Location: currently in foster care in Northern Spain 


Other Dogs in the Home: Yes with male 

Other Dogs Outside: Yes

Cats: Yes

Children: Yes (age 12+)


Luna is a real jewel. She is a Nordic cross breed (probably Akita) of 5 years and medium-large sized. She weights about 28 kg. She appeared with her 6 babies in a village in Northern Spain. 
At the beginning she was scared. After being rescued and arriving on her save place with her puppies the volunteers opened the door of the car and she escaped. After that they noticed that while they were driving she bite the belt of the car. They tried to catch her but it wasn't possible. But her mother instinct brought her back and the volunteers were able to get her into the house. Luna was at the beginning very fearful. It took a lot of time, patient and effort until Luna was able to overcome her fear. Of course there might still be some situations which could scare her, but that is nothing compared to how she was at the beginning.  She is also a very obedient girl who enjoys to walk on the lead and does this very well. Luna is a dog who gets along with everyone she meets. She is social and good with people, children, cats and almost all dogs...she would probably even get along with dinosaurs, BUT there is one female dog called Lobi, which she just doesn't like...already when she sees her she starts to growl. This is mutual so these two will never become best friends, but apart from her Luna gets along with all other dogs she has met so far. Not sure what the reason might be between both, but that's how it is and knowing that any problem which could arise can be avoided very easily. 

Luna is a very  affectionate dog.  She loves to get cuddles and has no problem to be touched. Also at the feeding time she has no problems and you can remove the food from her without any problems. She likes to play with other dogs...especially with Zar, who is her favorite playmate :)Apart of that Luna also helps other dogs with donating her blood. She is a usual blood donor at the vet. 
Luna took care of her babies and is a helper for other dogs, now it's time that someone cares for her. She is a lovely and great dog and after giving so much is time that she also receives something back. That's why we are looking to find her the best home we can. 



  • I am very affectionate and love a fuss
  • I am Playful
  • I have been through a lot and need a home who has dog experience
  • I am active 


  • I need a home that is at ease with my kind of dog, who have a good understanding and experience of dog behaviour
  • I love to be around people


  • I am obedient
  • I have great lead manners once I get on with my walk