Hello - My name is Marti


Sex: male 

Breed: Setter

Age: about 4 years (Status Dec. 2021)

Size: large, shoulder height: 56cm, 87cm long, weight: 28kg

Neutered: Yes

Vet Checked: Yes

Location: currently in a pound in Northern Spain 


Other Dogs in the Home: Yes 

Other Dogs Outside: Yes

Cats: Unknown

Children: Unknown


Marti, a beautiful setter of about 4 years of age is looking for a forever home. Setter lovers out there... please look no more and meet Marti, a very handsome boy brought into the pound in Northern Spain having been found as a stray.

Marti has shown himself to be a wonderful example of the beautiful setter temperament, gently tolerating all the medical checks and tests carried out, and adapting to change as best he could. Marti is clearly a gentle but very confused and disoriented boy, he doesn’t know what he has done wrong to end up in a cold, damp pound in Spain. When the pound staff approach him, he does accept affection and attention, but at the moment he seems wary and nervous of what might happen to him. Who knows what Marti’s life looked like before he came to the pound...his reactions suggest it may not have been very happy. Now is the time things need to change for this beautiful boy... he needs to experience the warmth and love of a home and a family, and to learn that affection and attention can be wonderful.

Marti is very sweet natured, but due to his current situation of living at the pound, we feel a dog experienced and an adult only and cat-free home is best. We aren’t able to see him around children and unfortunately have no option of testing his reactions to cats, so we feel an adult only set up will offer him the best possibility of success and happiness in his new life. We will evaluate adopters with resident dogs on a case by case basis, as we do have the option of seeing him around dogs of various sizes and temperaments, so if you have a resident dog at home, please do apply as it might even be beneficial for him to gain confidence. As a Setter, we’re sure that given the chance, Marti would love the option of a garden to play and explore in, with an active family who enjoys time outdoors walking and going on adventures during all seasons.
Marti came to us with no past history, so we have no way of knowing whether life in a home will be new to him. He may settle in quickly, or he may take time to learn the rules of a home, and to practice his house training, lead walking, being left and walking in more built up areas. If you feel you have the time and patience to help him settle and adapt, please get in touch. Marti will travel with his pet passport, vaccinations, tested for Mediterranean diseases and he will be neutered. Marti is currently in Spain, but can travel to England or Wales (NOT Scotland) if the right forever home comes forward. If you are interested in Marti we would be happy to hear from you, your routine, experience with dogs and why you feel Marti is the right addition to your family.


  • I love my exercise and need an active home
  • I am very bright and love working things out
  • I am shy and timid at the beginning


  • I cannot be placed in a property with no direct access to a private garden.
  • I need a home that is at ease with my kind of dog, who have a good understanding and experience of dog behaviour.
  • I can not be placed in a home with children
  • I need an outdoor loving family
  • My home should be patient and have time to help me to settle in and gain trust


  • Unknown