Hello - My name is Melocoton


Sex: male 

Breed: Cross breed

Age: 1 year (Status January 2021)

Size: medium, shoulder height: 50cm, 65cm long weight: about 22kg

Neutered: Yes

Vet Checked: Yes

Location: currently in foster care in Northern Spain 


Other Dogs in the Home: Yes

Other Dogs Outside: Yes

Cats: Yes

Children: Not tested


Melocoton is a medium sized cross breed puppy of about 10 months who is currently in foster care in Northern Spain.

He was found along with his siblings in a small village. When they tried to catch them Melocoton escaped and got caught in a fence. The people there removed his leg which was stuck in a gap in the fence and in a very bad way and broke the femoral head of his leg. That's how he arrived into our care. He was operated on and the vet had to remove the femoral head. After the operation he wasn't allowed to move that leg and lost muscle mass. He had rehabilitation with stretching the leg, swimming and allowing him to run and play to get the leg stronger and is he is now doing very well. He doesn't have any long-lasting effects from his injury and operation, apart from a limp when he plays or runs, but that’s no handicap for him.

Melocoton is currently living with other dogs and a cat and gets along perfectly with all of them. He is very social and walks well on the lead. Nevertheless he is a puppy and there are things that he still needs to learn, like not to chew everything he sees, but that’s part of the education of a puppy. That’s why Melocoton is looking for a dog experienced home, who is committed to the decision of adopting a puppy and with everything that this implies (education, training and socialization). We are looking for an adult only home, as we want dogs who require more time, as he will, to be the priority.

Melocton is a bundle of energy. He is very active and playful, and because of this he would enjoy having a further dog companion at home with a similar energy level and from who he would be able to learn. Nevertheless, this is not a requirement, if he gets enough dog interaction and time to play with other dogs on his walks or outdoor activities.

As much as playing he enjoys receiving cuddles. He is very affectionate and loves to get attention. Melocoton is a very positive boy who always puts a smile on your face when you see him. He can’t wait to find his forever home and is ready to travel to England or Wales (NOT Scotland) as soon as the right match comes forward. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us, if Melocoton is the dog companion with whom you want to share the next 15 years.


  • I am very affectionate and love a fuss.
  • I am a Smiler
  • I am Playful
  • I love my exercise and need an active home


  • I need a home that is at ease with my kind of dog, who have a good understanding and experience of dog behaviour
  • I can not be placed in a home with children
  • I need a home which is patient and has the time to keep training and educating me


  • I enjoy fun agility activities

  • I have great lead manners once I get on with my walk