Hello - My name is Munich


Sex: female 

Breed: Cross Breed

Age: 3 months (Status: January 2024) 

Size: medium-large

Neutered: No

Vet Checked: Yes

Location: with a foster in Northern Spain


Other Dogs in the Home: Yes

Other Dogs Outside: Yes

Cats: Unknown

Children: Unknown


Munich is a female, 3-month-old cross breed. She was found recently in a village in Northern Spain, having been abandoned with two siblings by the side of the road. How anyone could abandon such a tiny, defenseless creature is a mystery to us. What we do know, is that Munich now needs to find a family, that will love her unconditionally for the rest of her life.

At the moment Munich is in a foster home and is settling well, and so far, has shown to be a curious, happy puppy, who loves to play. She is friendly towards people, though it’s important to bear in mind that any dog can be affected by a change in environment, and by the journey, so she will need a patient, understanding home to help her settle and adjust to her new life.

She hasn’t had any training that we know of, so she will need a dog experienced home (NOT first dog owners , to show her all the puppy basics, and guide her as she socialises and learns about the world. She hasn’t been cat tested, but given her age we feel she could live with a cat with the right introductions. She would benefit from another confident and stable dog at home, however this isn’t a requirement if she has lots of opportunity to meet other dogs and socialize.

We are looking for an adult-only home or a home with older children, as we want dogs who require more time like herself to be the priority. Her new family should be dog experienced, and have the time and patient to dedicate to her on a daily basis. Munich is a dog who at a young age will need guidance and support to develop into a well-adjusted youngster and adult.
Munich needs active people who are into the outdoors, go on different adventures at the weekends and want to explore the world with her.

The parents of the litter are unknown to us, but we believe Munich will be a medium to large size once fully grown, but this is only an estimate from the vet based on her age and size, her new family should be prepared and happy to have a larger dog in the case she grows more than expected.

Munich and her siblings are currently in Spain and ready to travel to England or Wales (Not Scotland) as soon as the right family/person comes forward. She is microchipped, tested for Mediterranean diseases, and full RBU is provided. She will have to be spayed when she reaches the right age, and we will ask for confirmation of this having been done.

If you have the experience, time, love, stability and commitment that her upbringing requires and think that Munich would be the perfect addition to your family, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.


  • I am affectionate
  • I am active and playful
  • I love to run and explore around
  • I love to be around people and get attention
  • I love to play with other dogs


  • I can not be placed in a home with young children
  • I need an experienced home who is happy to discover the world with me and show me new things :)
  • I am curious and enjoy to learn new things, my forever home should be happy to offer me that
  • I need an active home


  • Unknown