Kenia and Mogly are 4 years old female and male Labrador Crosses. They are siblings and an inseparable couple. Dogcatchers found them wandering on the streets and that is how they ended up a year ago in a pound in Northern Spain. Nobody asked for them and that is how the days, weeks, and months passed by, and they were still living behind bars. During that time time, they not only gained a lot of weight, because in a cage of 2×2 meters there is not a lot of exercise which you can do, but also the sadness in their eyes increased. A few months ago we had the luck that the lady who runs the boarding kennel in Spain with which we work had space free and we made the decision to take them out.

When we met Kenia and Mogly for the first time in the pound, we found two amazing creatures. They were a bit frightened because of being there and not knowing what was going to happen with them, but since they are at the boarding kennel, we have discovered two affectionate, active and playful dogs. They can be a bit bouncy at times and get too excited when they play or see you. It looks like they would not believe that they are free again and are catching up the times they missed while they were in the pound.

Kenia is more calm and Mogly more nervous, however, they are young dogs with a lot of energy. That is why we are looking for an active family, who would enjoy including this couple into their outdoor activities and spend the time together.Their new home should already have experience with medium-large sized dog, and be happy to train and show them boundaries. Patience and time will also be required to get these two used to their new environment, as they probably have never lived in a home environment before.

Kenia and Mogly are not used to walk on the lead and pull, but with a special harness they are able to walk quite well. Nevertheless some lead training will for sure be required. Taking this into account and knowing how energetic and bouncy they are we will only consider homes without children or children 14+ who are dog safety. Both are good with other dogs, even if Mogly sometimes can show some dislike towards some other male dogs. None of them has been tested with cats, so a home without cats will be preferred.

Also we don’t know anything about their past, we think that they are siblings and that they have always been together and that is why we cannot separate them and are looking for a family that wants to have them both. Their relationship is special, when you see them together, you can understand the connection that they have and to separate them would break their hearts. We know that this kind of adoptions are not easy, but we will wait for that family that wants to adopt them both. Kenia and Mogly are read to trabel to England and Wales (NOT Scotland) as soon as the home comes forward that wants to add this couple into their family. If you have fallen in love with this two please get in touch with us.


  • We are very affectionate and love a fuss
  • We are Playful
  • We need a home who has dog experience
  • We are energetic and bouncy


  • We need a home that is at ease with our kind of dog, who have a good understanding and experience of dog behaviour.
  • We can not be placed in a home with young children or cats
  • We need to be placed in a home with no other dog
  • We need a home who is able to deal with our strength and energy


  • Unknown