Hello - My name is Patty


Sex: female

Breed: Beagle 

Age: 01/08/2020

Size: small, shoulder heiht: alto38cm, 67cm long, weight: 9,5kg

Neutered: Yes

Vet Checked: Yes

Location: currently in a pound in Northern Spain


Other Dogs in the Home: Yes

Other Dogs Outside: Yes 

Cats: Unknown

Children: Unknown


Patty is an about 2 years old female Beagle Cross. We will never know how an animal feels being enclosed in a 2×2 meter kennel fighting to survive surrounded by other dogs in the same situation, with fear, stress and without a future, sleeping in a hard and wet concrete floor and being either very cold or very hot – because they are outdoors.

Patty arrived to the pound in Northern Spain some time ago. We do not know anything about her past life, but she was frightened when she met us and didn’t move, so we can imagine that her past life was not easy. She is a beautiful girl of small sized. She will need time to trust and get out of herself, but we know that as soon as that happens, she will flourish and be a wonderful companion, she just needs someone to show her the beautiful sides of life.

Patty will have an amazing life, if we find the appropriate family for her, a family that won’t overwhelm her and that understands that she may need time to adjust and get used to her new life. We assume she was a hunting dog. This kind of dog do not know what living in a home feels like and some dogs need more time to adjust to the new situation.

Hunting dogs are smart and all our adopters that chose to give a home to one of these dogs are happy for having given them an opportunity, because they are very good dogs, noble and also beautiful especially inside.

Patty has not been tested with cats. She is social with other dogs and we think she has a medium activity level, but it might also be or become higher, why her new home should have that in mind and be able to offer her more activity in the case she needs it to be a happy and balanced dog. Taking her young age into account Patty is looking for a middle-aged home without young children. A home that has the time and commitment to work with her and get her used to typical situation like traveling in the car, walking on the leash, meeting people, traffic noises etc. She is a beautiful girl that needs to gain confidence to show how sweet she is.

The pound in Spain is in general a tough place for any dog, but for sensitive dogs like Patty even more, so we hope we will find the right forever home for Patty asap. If you think you can offer her the right place, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Patty is ready and can be homed to England and Wales (not Scotland). She will be tested for Mediterranean diseases, will be microchipped, vaccinated, neutered, defleaed and dewormed and have her own passport.


  • I am a sensitive soul
  • I am distrustful and fearful at the beginning
  • I am not confident
  • I need time to adapt and get out of myself 


    • I need a home that is at ease with my kind of dog, who have a good understanding and experience of dog behaviour.

    • I cannot be placed in a home with young children

    • I would like a home that does not require me to deal with heavy traffic and stimulations.
    • My home should be patient and have time to help me to settle in and gain trust


    • Unknown