Hello - My name is Polly


Sex: female

Breed: Cross Breed

Age: 01/09/2021

Size: probably medium (mother about 20-25kg, father is unknown)

Neutered: No

Vet Checked: Yes

Location: currently in a finca in Northern Spain


Other Dogs in the Home: Yes

Other Dogs Outside: Yes

Cats: Unknown 

Children: Unknown


This beautiful girl is Polly, a 3 month old Cross breed puppy who came into our care as the result of irresponsible breeding. Luckily, she and her siblings are now with us and we can write a whole new chapter for them – finding homes where they are loved, respected and given the time and attention they deserve.

Polly is a is a cross-breed, and although we predict a medium size once fully
grown (the mother weighs around 20-25kg), the father is unknown and so the puppies could
grow bigger than expected. We don’t know what breed mix they are, so open-minded
adopters to looks and size of their future companion is a must.

Polly is currently being cared for by a volunteer we work with, in a finca in
Northern Spain. The puppies have been learning about the good side of people, that it’s fun
to receive attention and fuss and to socialise with humans. They have the typical sweet
nature of a puppy, ready to learn about the world and be taught everything a dog needs to

Polly currently lives with lots of other dogs, so she socialises on a regular basis. This
will need to be kept up in her new home, as will socialisation with new people. She may
be nervous on first encounters, but soon warms up and her confident little nature will
shine through. She is interested in being around people and very active and curious
about all that surrounds her. She needs an active home, who will offer lots of mental and
physical stimulation, and time exploring outdoors.

Taking on a puppy requires patience, commitment and time. Polly will need to learn everything about the world, from how to walk on a lead, to house training, to travelling in a car, to greeting new people, to understanding the rules and manners of a home. All of this will be totally new, so please bear this in mind and only apply if you feel you can offer this training and stability for the
next 13-15 years. 
In summary Polly needs a dog experienced home. Someone with the time and daily routine to accommodate the energy and exercise she needs.  We are looking for an adult only home or a home without young children (14+), as we want dogs who require more time like herself to be the priority.  A confident resident dog for company and to help her learn would be beneficial, but isn't a must have as long as she is able to meet dogs and interact with them on a daily base. In return you will take home the most grateful bundle of joy, ready to fill your home with fun and love.

Polly is ready to start her journey to England or Wales (NOT Scotland) as soon as her forever home comes forward. Polly will travel with her pet passport, microchipped, vaccinated and tested for Mediterranean diseases. Also a spay/neuter contract will be signed, via which the adopter agrees that the puppy will be neutered or spayed when the time is right. If you want that Polly becomes part of your life please get in touch.


  • I am affectionate
  • I am playful
  • I love to run and explore around
  • I love to be around people and get attention
  • I love to play with other dogs


  • I can not be placed in a home with young children
  • I would enjoy to to have a secure garden
  • I need an experienced home who is happy to discover the world with me and show me new things :)
  • I am curious and enjoy to learn new things, my forever home should be happy to offer me that
  • A further dog at home would be great, but if I can have many dog friends that's also fine :)


  • Unknown