Hello - My name is Tila


Sex: female

Breed: Griffon Cross

Age: 14/08/2021

Size: probably small to medium, but maybe also large, as father is unknown)

Neutered: No

Vet Checked: Yes

Location: in foster care in Northern Spain 


Other Dogs in the Home: YES

Other Dogs Outside: YES

Cats: Not tested

Children: Not tested


This little sweetie is Tila, born on the 14/08/21 to a Griffon mother who was brought into rescue. Her father is unknown, so we estimate the pups will be a small/medium size once fully grown, but this could easily be bigger.

Please read our full criteria below carefully. Applications that do not meet these will not be considered. We hope you can understand.

Tila is absolutely as adorable as her pictures show - she’s the most feisty and bossy one of the litter (and the only girl!). She’s learning to socialize with other dogs and to enjoy attention from people, and her new family will need to be aware of the commitment and patience that training a young puppy involves. She will need to be taught everything from the beginning - how to walk on a lead, travel in the car, meet other people and dogs when walking, all her basic manners and house training. A puppy like Tila will be a wonderful addition to any family, but please bear in mind the mess, chewing, time and training that a puppy brings into the home. She is a tiny baby who has had an unfortunate start in life and now needs to experience the good in humans. If you’ve fallen in love with this face, and are willing to put in the effort and commitment she deserves for the next 12-15 years, please get in touch.

Preference will be given to homes with fully fenced gardens, with someone who is around during the day. Tila cannot be rehomed to families with young children, as we want her to be the priority in the home. We will only consider applications from adopters who have had dogs before or currently have a dog. Tila is best suited to young or middle aged adopters, as she is of a very active breed that loves being in nature and exploring the outdoors

Tila is currently in a foster home in Spain, but can travel to England, Wales (NOT Scotland) as soon as the right forever home comes forward. She will travel vaccinated, microchipped and with her pet passport. She will come to the UK with a spay agreement, whereby her family commits to the operation once she is old enough. This is a requirement of our rescue. If you feel Tila is the right addition to your family please get in touch with us.


  • I am  affectionate
  • I am playful
  • I love to run and explore around
  • I love to be around people and get attention
  • I love to play with other dogs


    • I can not be placed in a home with children
    • I would enjoy to to have a secure garden
    • I need an experienced home who is happy to discover the world with me and show me new things :) 
    • I am curious and enjoy to learn new things, my forever home should be happy to offer me that
    • A further dog at home would be great, but if I can have many dog friends that's also fine :)


    • Unknown