Hello - My name is Trufa


Sex: female 

Breed: Cross breed

Age:  01/02/2020

Size: medium, shoulder height: 57cm, 95cm long, neck: 43cm, chest: 78cm weight: 31 kg

Neutered: Yes

Vet Checked: Yes

Location: currently in a finca in Northern Spain


Other Dogs in the Home: Yes (preferable males)

Other Dogs Outside: Yes

Cats: Unknown

Children: Unknown


Trufa is a beautiful about 1.5 year old female Cross breed. She is the mum of Kosem, Sul and Hippo who are also looking for a forever home. How can we describe her? She is a fighter and a survivor.

Trufa was abandoned and wandering many months close to a village in Northern Spain next to us. Suddently she was then seen next to a heavy traffic road, but she wasn't alone...there were 5 puppies of only a few days of life with her. The rescue of her and the puppies was very difficult, as she was in risk of being run over  and at the same time we couldn't get the puppies without her, as she had them in a sewer. After many restless nights and tries we were finally able to get the puppies and her safe. 

Trufa was a great mum to her puppies and did a fantastic job with them. All five are growing to beautiful and healthy adolecents. But now it's her turn. It's time that she finds a home where she is cared and receives the lovely and affection she deserves.

Trufa is trustful at the beginning, but she soon gains confidence and enjoys the cuddles and attention. The person that decides to adopt her will need to give her some time to adjust and respect her rhythm. She is a sweet and happy girl. She is of medium size and weights about 25kg. She is currently in a finca in Northern Spain and living with more dogs and gets perfectly alone with them. With some female dogs she can be a little dominant, but that's corrected with a fim voice and is nothing to worry about.  

Trufa is a playful and active girl. She likes the company and attention of humans, but also to play with other dogs. Therefore we are looking for an active home, who has the time and commitment to spend time and interact with her and also show her new things. But at the same time you should be happy to train her, show her boundaries and have the patient she needs to adapt to a home environment a to routines. 

Trufa is a young dog, with great potential. She can travel to England or Wales as soon as the right forever home comes foward. She has been dewormed, vaccinated, microchipped and has a passport. She has also been neutered and will be tested for Mediterranean diseases. If you are happy to sepend the next 15 years with Trufa and think she is the right addition for your family then please get in touch. We would be happy to hear from you.


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