Hello - My name is Yenn


Sex: female 

Breed: Dachshund Cross

Age:  07/01/2022

Size: small

Neutered: No

Vet Checked: Yes

Location: currently in a foster home in Northern Spain


Other Dogs in the Home: Yes

Other Dogs Outside: Yes

Cats: Yes

Children: Unknown


Meet Yenn, a sweet 3 month old little dachshound girl who will be of small size when fully grown. She came to us after entering a pound in Northern Spain with less than 1 month of life and 800 grams of weight. A baby in the pound dies in a matter of days if we don't get them out of there immediately, but this girl has been very lucky and a foster came forward just in time. Her foster did a great job with her and she is now ready to find her own forever home.

 Yenn has the typical loving, friendly nature of a puppy. She is curious, affectionate and loves the interaction with other furries. Yenn is learning about the rules of a home each day... practising walking on a lead, housetraining and basic manners. Her new family will need to understand that this is a long, ongoing process of patient training, as Yenn is a baby who needs to be taught everything about life. She is sharing her foster home with a further dog and a cat and they are fantastic with each other. She likes to be around other furries and the attention from people, and she will need a family ready to help her learn she is ok on her own, preparing her for these moments with exercise and toys.

Do you feel Yenn could be the one for you? If so, please read our full criteria below.

For Yenn, we are looking for middle aged person or couple. where someone is around most of the day. Yenn needs an active family or person, who is committed with the decision of adopting a puppy and with everything that this implies. A puppy needs to be completely educated and socialized, that is why we only consider a dog experienced home (NOT first dog owners) who knows how to manage the education, training and socialization of a puppy and also has the time and patience for this.

We are looking for an adult only home or a home without young children (14+), as we want dogs who require more time like herself to be the priority. Yenn would enjoy having a further dog companion at home from who she would be able to learn. Nevertheless, this is not a requirement, if he gets enough dog interaction and time to play with other dogs on her walks or outdoor activities.

Yenn is currently in Northern Spain, but cannot wait to travel and discover her new home in Wales or England (NOT Scotland) as soon as the right family or person comes forward.

If you think Yenn is the right addition to your family and you can commit to the next 10-15 years of her care, please get in touch. We would ask that you send some information about your home life, routine, experience with dogs and why you feel Yenn is right for you, and we in return will happily explain our adoption process.



  • I am affectionate
  •  I am playful
  • I like to get attention
  • I like the company of other furries


  • I can not be placed in a home with children
  • I need a home that is at ease with my kind of dog, who have a good understanding and experience of dog behaviour.


  • I am learning to become house trained
  • I am learning to walk on the lead